Smile Again, Spokane!

Getting the perfect smile is as easy as telling our smile team what you want. What do you like or dislike about the color, size, shape, and spacing? Do you want teeth that are perfectly aligned and a bright white or more of a natural look? Come in for a consultation, and we will explain your options.

We love seeing your Spokane smiles! That is why we offer a full range of options for a cosmetic, restorative approach to your new smile. We create your smile based on your desires and goals rather than a “cookie-cutter” result.

A healthy-looking smile can do wonders for your mental health. When you are proud of your smile, and how you look, your life seems brighter. You can confidently meet new people, joke around with your friends, and enjoy the moment without worrying about how your teeth look.

Cosmetic dentistry is not just about vanity or a whim. Procedures such as teeth straightening and veneers can also be essential for your oral and overall health. Chewing well and flashing a gorgeous smile have far-reaching benefits.

We work with you in discovering a smile that best suits your face, jawbone, and overall aesthetic desires. Sure, a perfectly white smile is what everyone desires. But, we also want to create a smile that is unique to YOU.

We will ensure your new smile is designed to allow your personality to shine.