What We Offer

Hi-Tech Dentistry


Our office is equipped with the latest, cutting edge dental technology, including a soft tissue laser, digital x-rays and both intraoral and extraoral cameras. These attributes, along with the excellent team members, ensure patients receive the highest quality of care that they each deserve.

Safety First

For your safety: In light of today's heightened safety awareness, we've established a sterilization program designed to ensure the safety of both patients and staff. In addition to patient room and instrument sterilization, each room utilizes a closed water system using only sterilized and distilled water, free from bacteria. We'll be happy to explain our safety procedures to you in detail.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow us to see your x-rays instantly, reduces x-ray exposure by 80%, and reduces the use of harmful chemicals so it is better for our environment.

Intraoral Camera

Schick is a new approach to viewing your teeth instantly. Each operatory is equipped with a Schick-intraoral camera system. This camera allows you to see immediately real-life pictures of what is happening in your mouth.


Kinetic Cavity Preparation is a gentle new way to treat decay. The KCP allows us to treat decay at an earlier stage without as much removal of healthy tooth material, thereby helping to preserve the strength of the tooth. The KCP is a miniature sandblaster that literally "sprays away decay" without heat, vibrations, or the whining of the drill...and less need for the needle!

Sport or Night Guards

Sport or Night Guards
Custom fit guards help protect your teeth for sport activities or at night if you find yourself stressed and grinding your teeth in your sleep.


Our implants provide natural looking results while maintaining gum heights. We use all biocompatible materials for a long-lasting solution. We are available for emergencies.


We know a dental appointment can be stressful for our patients at times, and we want to do everything possible to help you relax. We have put together a spa-like atmosphere for your pleasure and comfort with several key features.

Parrafin Wax

Parrafin Wax
To help give our office a spa-like atmosphere you can enjoy a paraffin wax hand dip and a massage pad for your pleasure and comfort during your appointments with us.

DVD/CD Player & Massage Chairs

DVD/CD Player & Massage Chairs
DVD/CD Players are installed for your enjoyment. Each operatory contains a DVD/CD Player, so remember to bring your favorite DVD or music CD for any long appointments. We also provide massage chairs in all 9 of our rooms.

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